Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where  do I bring my parcel for shipping

You have two options. The first option is to bring the parcel to our head  office in Nyayo Estate, or to any other office near you. The second option is  to ask us to collect the parcel from your premises. If we come to your premises,  a pick up charge may apply

2. How  long do you take to deliver parcels

Typically we deliver all parcels moving within Nairobi on the same day  through our sameday service. It takes us anything from less than one hour up to  three hours to pick an deliver parcels depending on the service level you  purchase.  

3. How  do I keep track of my parcel?

We use a GPS tracking system, and you can track your parcel on our  website. Just log in to your account, and then enter the unique tracking code  you received with the receipt for the payment. With that, you can keep track of  your parcel all the way

4. Who  can I talk to regarding my courier needs?

Please call our customer service team on +254728 492 446 or +254732  926 321. You can also email us on

5. Do  you make deliveries outside Nairobi?

Yes we do. We have zoned our destinations into three areas, Nairobi CBD  (Zone 1), Nairobi Outskirts (Zone 2) and Neighboring Countries (Zone 3).