Why Speedball
is the best medical courier

Why us?

Economical service

A budget-priced service to enhance your bottom line.
Why us?

Online track and trace facilities

Making it easy to order, track and report on all your shipping movements with the customer portal.
Why us?

Automatic label printing

Dispatching is made simple with our easy to use eWallet system.

Our people and franchise
are our greatest point
of difference;

At Speedball Couriers, we understand that a courier service isn't just about product delivery

All Speedball
Franchisee are required to:

  • Be security checked & fully insured
  • Wear full corporate uniform
  • Display security photograph identification
  • Drive a clean, fully sign-written vehicle
  • Carry a mobile phone and GPRS hand-held scanner
  • Be fully trained in parcel handling procedures

Speedball's understanding about courier service

It's about working with a freight provider who’s essentially an extension of your own business. A partner who can help you achieve bottom-line savings, whose courier delivery methods enhance your customer experience, and whose capability will equip you with a point of difference in an ever-tightening market.